What is a Game Meant to Do?

We watched the documentary on “Super Columbine: RPG!” in class the other day. I thought it was very well done; not only did it discuss the “Super Columbine: RPG!” game, but it covered other areas as well, such as different people’s individual values and beliefs on games. They also discussed violence in games in general, as well as comparing the violence in “Super Columbine: RPG!” to the Columbine Documentary that was made. I thought this was interesting, because the documentary had more graphic images than the game.

I also found interesting why the maker of the game created “Super Columbine: RPG!” I wondered why he put and exclamation point at the end of the title if he was only expecting about 25 of his friends to play the game though, because in that case, the title of the game probably wouldn’t matter as much – Danny already had his friends attention and had pulled them in with sending them the link to the game.

Is the game disrespectful? I don’t think so if the intention was that it was trying to teach, as well as be an outlet for the creator. Is it offensive? Sure, to some people. Like I said earlier, we all have our own value and belief sets. Especially people of different generation gaps, I feel (or at least that’s what I got out of the documentary).

I especially liked that the creator of the game made this documentary. It explained his side of things, what happened with the game once it came out, and brought up good discussion topics to what games might (or should) evolve into over time.


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